About your groomer: Raised in Sierra City, Ca, a rural mountain town west of Lake Tahoe, Heidi acquired her love of working with animals at the early age of 8 , when her family started assisting with the overflow of orphaned baby animals from a local wildlife rehabilitation center. Bottle feeding young fawns and having injured birds of prey perched next to the dinner table was an average daily occurrence which laid the groundwork for the thriving passion of Heidi caring for animals.

“I had an extraordinarily, unique upbringing which has definitely attributed to my success in the pet grooming industry. My first dog I was solely responsible for as a child was a Malamute/Wolf Hybrid, so literally, in a sense, I was raised among wolves! Having hands on experience with wild animals gives you such a deeper respect and personal intuition of how sensitive animals truly are, and how to meet their emotional needs in a positive, loving way.”


Heidi relocated to San Clemente in 1994 where she started working at the Petsmart Grooming Dept. in Foothill Ranch. She was then trained and certified as a professional groomer, and within 4 months, promoted as a manager and given the Capistrano Beach Grooming Store Department to open from the ground up.

“It was an honor to be entrusted with such a huge responsibility, and the hands on experience was invaluable for the success I have achieved today.”

Within the next year Heidi placed first in an Eukanuba sponsored grooming contest and began instructing certified grooming classes for Petsmart corporation. It was during her nine years with Petsmart where she met members of the Animal Rescue Foundation and took on her first of many Foster Dogs, a literally ready-to-give-birth Pit Bull that would be euthanized if it didn’t find a home that weekend. She was covered in sores and had chronic ear infections, and was just the saddest dog she’d ever seen. Spot gave birth to TEN healthy puppies that were successfully adopted out, and Heidi kept Spot for the remainder of her life, stating that she was the sweetest, most loving and intelligent dog she had ever known.

 “Dealing directly with the animal adoption organizations really opened my eyes to the importance of volunteering, and giving back to the community as a supportive voice for the welfare of animals. I love attending the Wagathon, not as a business promoter, but just for the sole purpose of animal advocacy and the fun of interacting with all the people and their pets on a personal level. I also attended the inaugural Peace, Love and Pitbulls 2k walk around the Dana Point Harbor. It was amazing, so many beautiful and well behaved bully breeds all together, playing and having fun with responsible owners. It was great seeing all the other breeds of dogs and their owners to come out and show their support too. I’m a firm believer in about educating and not discriminating.”

 Heidi continued her career for 6 years at Dana Point Grooming, which was awarded the 16th annual Best of Orange County Register and the 2011 Best of Dana Point Golden Lantern Award for Pet Grooming while she was employed there.

 Heidi lives in San Clemente with her rescued American Staffordshire Terrier “Sid”, Hairless Chinese Crested “Stella”, Chihuahua “Sancho” and Fiance Rob


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